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Free Book Viewing Programs Available

The book files made available through Saints' Books may require free reader programs to be installed on your computer to be viewed.

If your computer does not recognize the file format of the book, here is a list of free programs for viewing the different types of files.

To view PDF files you can choose from either: Adobe PDF Reader or Foxit PDF Reader.

To view LIT files you can choose Microsoft's Reader Program.

If you have difficulty reading TXT or RTF or DOC files, these files can be viewed using the Microsoft Wordpad program pre-installed upon your computer or the Microsoft Word Viewer program.

The Microsoft Wordpad program can be found in your Accessories folder from the Start menu. Through a search engine, the other recommended programs' current download and site can be found.

If you still experience technical difficulties opening any file you have obtained from Saints' Books after installing the proper reader program, please try to download a new copy of the book and if this does not fix the problem you may email Saints' Books for technical support.