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holy books and extracts for the soul

Troubleshooting Guide

Basic Instructions for Downloads

To download a book directly hosted please right click on the link and choose the option to 'Save Link As' or 'Save Target As' then choose the folder on your computer, normally the desktop, where you wish to have the downloaded book for future reading.

Please refrain from downloading more than one book at a time, but download as many books total as you please.

Troubleshooting Upon Errors

The instructions to download files are to right-click and save the file on your desktop. If you simply left-click a file your browser will attempt to view the file within its program window.

This is discouraged because of the larger PDF books, which at times will only partially download or produce an error if this is done on some systems due to the download not completing in the time the Internet Browser expects.

If after right-clicking and attempting to download several files you find that you are experiencing general problems, or a problem with a specific file, take the following steps.

If these steps do not solve your problem please notify Saints' Books for further help.

Steps to Fix Broken and Incomplete Book File Downloads

If you have a broken or incomplete book download, that is always broken or incomplete when you attempt to download it:

I. First clear the Internet Browser's cache of the broken download.

If you are using Internet Explorer: Please move the mouse to select the 'Menu Bar' at the top of the browser window, and click on the 'Tools' menu option. If the 'Menu Bar' is not visible, right-click on the blank bar underneath the exterior window, and check the 'Menu Bar' box so it will become visible.

Select 'Internet Options' and then in Internet Explorer choose 'Delete' and make certain the 'Temporary Internet Files' checkbox is checked, then click 'Delete' again to clear the temporary files cache.

If you are using Firefox choose 'Tools' from the 'Menu Bar' and choose 'Clear Recent History' and be certain to clear the history within the time-frame you downloaded the broken file.

II. Now after performing the above cache clearing, restart the computer. Return to the download page, and attempt to download your book file.

Other and Unsolved Issues

If your download is still not successful contact Saints' Books for further help.