An extract from 'The Love of the Heart of Jesus to His Creatures of St. Gertrude the Great'
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Then our Lord placed before St. Gertrude the three victories, which are mentioned in the Gospel of the day, under the form of different kinds of food, that they might serve her as an antidote against the three vices to which men are most subject -- namely, delectation, consent, and concupiscence.

First, He manifested to her the signal victory which He had gained over the devil, who tempted Him to the pleasure of eating, when he asked Him to change the stones into bread, and our Lord wisely answered him, that man doth not live by bread alone; and He desired her to offer it to God, in satisfaction for all the sins which she might have committed through love of pleasure, and to obtain strength to resist such temptations for the time to come. For the more we yield to temptations, the less capable we are of resisting them; and each may thus offer our Lord's victory for their own needs.

Our Lord then gave her His second victory for the remission of all the sins which she might have committed by consent, and to obtain grace for the future to resist these temptations efficaciously; and each may also offer this victory for the same end, and with the same advantage, to obtain from God the pardon fo all sins of thoght, word, or act, and grace to avoid falling for the time to come.

Lastly, our Lord gave her His third victory as a remedy against avarice, which desires the good and advantages of earth, and to obtain strength to resist this temptation.

* Our Lord's three victories over His threefold temptations in the wilderness, related in the Gospel for the First Sunday of Lent, Matt. iv. 1-11; the Epistle is 2 Cor. vi. 1-10.