An extract from 'Pere Binet, S.J. - Divine Favors Granted to St. Joseph'
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'The most holy Virgin, as related above, revealed to St. Bridget, that St. Joseph frequently made use of these beautiful words: 'Heaven grant that I may live so as to accomplish the will of my God!' And she added: 'Therefore it is that the glory of Joseph is now so great.' These words at first sight are plain enough. But to understand them fully, we ought to remember how moderate, in her assertions, Our Lady was. Had she wished to point out an object most sublime, she would simply have said: 'It is great.' Thus when Elizabeth said to her, 'Blessed art thou that hast believed, because these things shall be accomplished that were spoken to thee by the Lord,' her reply was, 'The Lord hath done great things to me,' which means things quite ineffable. In the same way, when she says, 'The glory of my spouse is great,' we must understand that it surpasses all that can be imagined in this world.'