An extract from 'The Exercises of St. Gertrude the Great'
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If you wish to present to the Lord, at the close of your life, the robe of baptismal innocence without stain, and the seal of the Christian faith whole and unbroken, set apart some time in each year for dwelling on the memory of your Baptism; and let it be, if possible, about Easter or Pentecost. To perform this Exercise aright, you will excite in yourself an earnest desire to be born again unto God by the holiness of a renewed life, and to enter again into a restored infancy. And you will say:

God be merciful unto me and bless me; may he lift up the light of his countenance on me and have mercy on me. Let my heart praise him in sincerity and truth; let the whole earth of my heart tremble and be moved before the presence of the Lord; may my spirit be created and renewed by the Spirit of his mouth; and may that good Spirit bring me forth into the land wherein reigneth justice.

Then repeat the Creed; beseeching the Lord to enable you to perfectly and entirely to renounce Satan, and to uphold you in a right, living, and entire faith to the latest moment of your life.