An extract from 'Rev. Paschal Robinson - The Golden Sayings of the Blessed Brother Giles of Assisi'
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'Blessed is he who loveth and doth not therefore desire to be loved; blessed is he who feareth and doth not therefore desire to be feared; blessed is he who serveth and doth not therefore desire to be served; blessed is he who behaveth well toward others and doth not desire that others behave well toward him; and because these are great things the foolish do not rise to them. There are three things that are very great and useful which whosoever possesseth cannot fall into evil: the first is, if thou bearest in peace for God's sake, all tribulations that may befall thee; the second is, if thou humblest thyself the more in all thou dost and receiveth; the third is, if thou lovest faithfully those goods that cannot be seen with fleshly eyes.'