An extract from 'Fr. Vincent Fitzgerald, O.F.M. - St. John Capistran (St. John of Capistrano)'
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'Before his departure from Austria, he had paid a last visit to his brethren in Vienna, at the friary of SS. Theobald and Bernardine which he had himself founded. After matins he began to discourse to them on the text of St. Paul (Heb. xii. 7.) "Persevere under discipline," exhorting them to the observance of their profession and rule. Morning dawned before he had ceased speaking. Like St. Paul at Miletus, he knew that they would see him no more; and like him, he gave them warning. "I know that after my death some men will come to you, bringing new doctrines, new constitutions, new ceremonies. Do not believe them." And he added: "If an angel from heaven should so come, let him be anathema". Then, kneeling, he kissed the feet of all, and so departed.'