An extract from 'A Memorial of a Christian Life by Ven. Louis of Granada'
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Thus you put in the balance God and your pleasure; and you resolve without fear to lose rather the favour of Almighty God, than this miserable pleasure!

Can any thing be imagined more horrible, or any greater affront to the divine Majesty be in vented, than to prefer so base and vile a thing before him? This is to imitate the madness of the Jews, who being offered their choice of Jesus or Barabbas, answered they would rather have that robber than Jesus Christ.

It is as much as lies in us to take from God the glory due to him, as to our last end, and give it to our interest and our pleasures. For to set an higher esteem on a fleeting pleasure than on God, and prefer it before him, is undoubtedly as much as it is in our power to take the empire from the Creator, and give it to the creature; and this is so strange a case, that God commands the heavens to be amazed at it, saying by the prophet Jeremias, "Tremble with astonishment, O ye heavens, and let your gates fall down with horror; for my people have committed two great evils; they have forsaken me, the fountain of living water, and sought out broken cisterns that can hold no water." Consider then, how often you have done this injury to God, and tremble for fear; let your eyes become fountains to bewail day and night so great a disorder; see against whom you have sinned, and for what you have sinned; what you have left, and what you have chosen; what you have lost, and what you have gained.

Be ashamed now of yourself while it is yet time, and stay not till you are covered for ever with confusion in the dreadful day of our Lord's judgment.